Our Wonderful World – Black and White

If you’ve been following along, you know that I had covid last week. All better now, just in time for Christmas. As promised, albeit later than I had imagined, here are some more photos from our anniversary trip to Magee Marsh. Magee Marsh is one of the best birding places in the country, known for a variety of birds, most notably just about every Warbler known.

Going to Magee Marsh has long been on our bucket list, and though we didn’t get to go during the prime birding weeks in the spring, we did get to see a lot of new birds to add to our list, including the Black and White Warbler.

As you can see, it was a very well-lit and bright day for September, and there were still birds galore to be spotted and photographed. The tough part, warblers are very small, very jumpy, and presented a challenge to get the good shots. Aggravating, but fun at the same time.

In our time in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana, many of the new world warblers evaded our lenses. However, this trip…they could run (or fly) but not hide. Above are some of the shots of the beautiful Black and White Warbler. Most of the time in the bird world, we get caught up in the bright colors or the unusual shapes are markings. In some ways this guy may appear a little bland, but a closer look will show the uniqueness and praise this warbler deserves. Incredible markings, a beautiful little song, and a wonderful capture for our cameras.

Be sure to click on the like and follow buttons below and share our blog with all your friends. Here in Ohio today, it is currently below zero temperatures, snow covered ground and just not the best day weather wise. However, having great pictures and great memories can bring a little joy and peace. Enjoy the photos but most of all, whenever you get the chance, get out and “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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