Our Wonderful World – Nesting Herons

Just down the road from where we took the eagle pictures, we found a nesting tree full of Blue Herons. When we were down south in Louisiana, this was a fairly common sight, but here in Ohio this was a first for us.

Most photographers, myself included, often carry more than one lens. For obvious reasons, you may want to zoom out, get a wide angle shot, etc. Because of price mostly, we have only one zoom lens at the time, which is usually on my camera. Monica, my wife, likes taking landscape pictures, flowers, and macro shots. That being said, she usually carries two lenses. In the case for this Heron tree, it paid off.

To just show close up pictures of various blue herons in their nesting tree would be great, but trying to describe the entire scene, the number of nests, and the sheer immenseness of it all…would be nearly impossible. However, when you can now “see” the multitude of birds and nests, the size of it all really comes into perspective. We have tried to count all the birds and all the nests a few times, and we both keep coming up with different numbers. If anyone would like to count them and guess, please send me a comment.

It was such a wonderful late winter day. The bright sunshine certainly made exposure and speed issues almost non-existent. The clear blue sky made for the perfect background and the lack of leaves in the trees made it much easier to see all of the birds and their nests.

Simply put, though the eagles and the herons were photographed the same day and about a mile apart, it really felt like two different photo shoots. Different tactics, different angles, different results, but the same joy of being out there with the love of my life and capturing birds and the nature all around us with our cameras.

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