Our Wonderful World – Beautiful Fungi

A few weeks ago, we were out and had the amazing opportunity to photograph a couple of bald eagles. One in the nest and the other perched in a nearby tree. On our way out, my wife stopped to photograph some beautiful shots of some tree fungi. Something that is more or less considered a nuisance, but yet has an innate beauty all its own.

Perspective is defined as a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something, a point of view. That is the very essence of photography. Sort of like the old adage: One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. A bald eagle will catch almost anyone’s attention. Their size, appearance, and for lack of a better term, their celebrity status. However, most would not assign those same descriptors to tree fungus. But if you take a look at the photos above, I hope that your “perspective” will change.

They too have size, multiple in fact from microscopic to these dinner plate sizes, and even much larger. They too have an amazing appearance, coming in a variety of colors and shapes. Even in celebrity status, for most of us that is not known, but many medicines and foods that we enjoy today, are available because of specific fungi.

The bald eagle was almost extinct, and now they are making a strong comeback. Just the other day I saw one on the way home from work, out in a field eating on something. Nature is about balance. These fungi above serve a purpose. I imagine they serve as food for other life. They serve as shelter for other life. And yes, they may hold secrets of health and wellness that we simply don’t understand at this point in time.

So, all of this scientific and existential speak aside…these are some fantastic photos. The contrasting colors and just the natural beauty is enough. I have said it many times before. The things we take for granted so often, when we pause for just a moment, show us their beauty. Photography does just that, it forces us to “stop.” To admire and to gaze upon a frozen moment in time. Whether it’s in our backyard or in the tropical rainforests of some unknown area, beauty is beautiful.

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