3 Hour Photo Trips

Acrophobia:  the extreme or irrational fear or phobia of heights.  In these pictures we were 70 feet high, well above the forest canopy as you can see.  I don’t know if I agree with the irrational part, but the extreme part is fairly accurate.  Since I was in such a “condition” at the time we were at the top of this old fire tower, Monica had to shoot all of the pictures.  After all, at least one of us had to hang on for dear life.  Well, since I guess one of the minor themes of my blog is to get out of your comfort zone…I’m pretty sure I can safely say that this is now accomplished.

That being said, what an incredible view.  All joking aside, I was able to take in the view and thoroughly enjoy some dense forest canopy.  In the first and second pictures, if you look real close there is actually a bird or two (White Egret’s I believe) that we caught somewhat by accident.  The Nikon 200 – 500 lens does an amazing job in almost every situation we seem to put it through.  These birds were literally miles away, so to even be seen is amazing.

Another incredible shot, to me, is the 4th in the collage.  The contrast between the closer trees, the water, white foam, and more distant trees seems to give this one an incredible depth.

Finally the last picture:  what an epic looking bit of scenery.  Rolling hills, dark green trees, the rising steam.  If I close my eyes I can almost feel the slight breeze and smell the clean fresh forest air.  What a memory indeed!  The fire tower, heights and all, is already on my list for things to do this fall when the leaves start to change into all of those beautiful oranges, reds, browns, and yellows.

Where is this?  Big Hill Pond State Park.  About a 1.5 hour drive and another 45 minute hike, then a 70 foot climb.  Can’t wait!

Like what you see, leave me a comment and share with your friends.  Until next time, Enjoy Our Wonderful World!

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