3 Hour Photo Trips – Sardis Lake, MS



O Canada!  You do have some beautiful looking geese.  Yesterday I posted photos of our beloved dog Ripley, and mentioned that she helped us get some good shots of some Canadian Geese that we saw at a few different places at Sardis Lake.

Some of the action shots were when Ripley jumped in the water after the geese.  I guess she was thinking about retrieving one of the live geese to me.  From my past experiences of dealing with even domestic geese, I don’t think that would be a very good idea.  Thankfully, they simply were not having it anyways, but I did get the three geese taking off there at the beach, courtesy of Ripley’s plowing into the water.  Some of the other shots we got, thanks to Ripley, were mostly of their backsides as they were flying away.  However, the group shot that looks like they are swimming in formation with jet trails, again was Ripley scaring them a little, but they were far enough away that they didn’t fly off.

Most of the other action shots were from a speed boat that probably thought he was being funny by turning hard into the cove we were photographing, and sped close by the geese scaring them all away.  Normally I would have called him a few derogatory names, but he did give me a bunch of great shots.  The geese were honking like crazy, so I can only imagine that they were saying “What’s up, eh!”

My two favorites are of course the featured photo at the top and then the first photo in the collage.  I love how I captured them running on the water just before they took to the air, and then how the water footprints seem to be frozen in time.  In the first photo in the collage, my favorite bird in this picture is the goose with the phoenix look going on with his wings as he’s powering up to take off.

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I hope you enjoy the photos and the blog, and I hope that you get inspired to go out yourself and “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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