Our Wonderful World – Beauty and the Beast

Today’s blog is somewhat of a two-parter. These are pictures once again from Cowan Lake. The above pictures are obviously the Beauty.

I chose these three pictures that Monica took of some of the various flowers. I couldn’t begin to tell you what type of flowers all of these are, except colorful. It amazes me that all of these majestic colors can be found within a few yards of each other.

Water Lilies that appear like a thousand bowls of light, teaming with life. Full of fish, frogs, Herons, and Egrets. The water splashes constantly all around, the sound of birds calling and flying about.

The cluster of purple blooms appear as royalty against green surroundings. Royal in their brilliance. Royal in their brightness. Royal in their sheer contrasting beauty.

Then the bright yellow group of flowers. Like the boldness of the sun they stand out, shining in a dark corner of the forest. They guide our eyes directly to them without the glare and straight to their beauty.

Now, so as not to sound too sappy or waxing too poetic, I leave you with the Beast. This Lake Gull, though it appears “beastly” devouring his lunch, is really only doing what he is supposed to do, fulfilling the circle of life.

I’ll close with just a little more of waxing poetic. Life is filled with moments of “beauty” and moments that seem quite “beastly.” The key is to find the good in all. Much easier said than done.

From my camera to yours, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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