Our Wonderful World – Buzz Buzz Buzz

Not only were the birds out and about, but so were some Bumble Bees. And did they ever pick such a colorful place to find something to eat. Birds are definitely my passion, if you’ve read any of my blogs or looked at any of my photographs…it is fairly obvious. My wife, Monica, on the other hand, has more of a passion for flowers, trees, insects, landscapes, and just about everything. My only problem with all of those passions is that she takes a lot of pictures, and “I” have to weed through and do all of the processing. Not fair at all.

I think you can tell, though, she has quite the eye for those sometimes-unnoticed insects. We were on our way out of the first place we stopped at, where I got the Indigo Bunting and some of the Cedar Waxwing pictures, and next thing I know, she is locked in on something all a buzz.

What a view of contrasting colors and basically themes. For the colors your eyes are immediately drawn to the vibrant purple flowers. Then, before you know it, you notice that something just doesn’t fit in. As you focus you see the Bumble Bee. A living contrast. He physically should not be able to fly, but no one has seemed to get that message to him. His bright yellow and dark black colors, contrast and send a clear warning…look but don’t touch! Unfortunately, most of us have not heeded his color warning and have paid the stinging price.

As far as the contrasting themes are concerned, you see these beautiful and fragrant flowers and feelings of peace, relaxation, joy all seems to well up inside. Yet in the midst of all of that beauty and tranquility, lies a creature that can instill fear and, if needed, inflict some serious pain.

Two differing color pallets. Two differing themes of nature. Yet like in most all of nature, there is a balance. Yin and Yang, good and evil, ocean and desert, hot and cold. All the world over we see this balance. And yes, even here at our little nearby lake…we find this balance in what couldn’t be much more vibrant and colorful.

That’s what I love about photography. I was there. I saw the Bumble Bee in person. I saw the purple flowers in person. But it’s not until you have the ability to sit and stare, to ponder the contrasts, to be reminded of the similarities, to take in all of the beauty…it is only then that some of the most amazing discoveries, both within ourselves and all around us, are truly understood.

Until next time, enjoy “Our Wonderful World!”

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