Our Wonderful World – Lake Erie Trip

Over last weekend and the holiday, we celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary, Labor Day, and a birding trip to Magee Marsh, Ottawa National Wildlife Reserve, and Lake Erie. Above is just a sampling of all the birds, wildlife, and nature that we observed. It was a very rewarding trip!

I have discovered a difference, though, in an area that is famous for bird watching (Magee Marsh and the surrounding areas), it may not be 100% conducive to bird photography. The number of birds that anyone would desire, yes! The open spaces to actually take a photograph…more difficult indeed.

That being said, we may not win a Pulitzer Prize for any of the photos we took, but we did get to add 11 new birds to our life list. So many Warblers! And so nearly impossible to tell which one for sure is which. So be forewarned, I may post a picture of a warbler and call it one thing, and you may look at it and think it is a different one. And you may be right. I did the very best I could do in determining which was which, and I haven’t claimed to see any ultra-rare bird, so I really don’t think it matters…lol.

I hope you enjoy the above pictures and please let me know in the comments and by liking and following. Most of all, get out there and “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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