Our Wonderful World – Golden Beauties

Today is Friday, and I got off work a few hours earlier than normal, so I took advantage of the time and sat on our newly built front steps and snapped off a few bird shots. The rain was coming and had already taken over the sky and most of the sunlight, but with their golden yellow, these American Goldfinch still made a bold statement against the green pines behind them.

Normally, I would most certainly rather get bird shots in the wild, so to speak, but I’ll settle for these feeder shots. This is our first time that we have used the nyjer seed sock with any success at attracting finch. In fact, we didn’t have any Goldfinch until we put up the sock last week. Another difference between Ohio and where we have been down south.

In the series of photos above, there’s somewhat of a scene unfolding. He has landed on the sock, carefully sneaks around to just the right spot, leans in for the grab, gets a tiny little seed, and then down the hatch. A scene that is repeated about a million times until this sock is empty and the next will be hung in its place.

Sometimes a trip to a lake, a secluded wooded area, a forgotten trail, or even as close as your own front steps can reveal a colorful encounter with some of nature’s amazing characters. Except spiders – no one should like spiders!

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Until next time, from my camera to yours, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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