Our Wonderful World – Wonderful Woodpeckers

It’s been a while now since our trip to the cabin, and here’s the last of the bird pictures we took while there. I think there’s three different woodpeckers here: Red Headed, Red Bellied, and either a Downy or Hairy, it’s hard to tell. Obviously because of their vibrant contrasting colors and their wood pecking, it makes them one of everyone’s favorite woodland birds – and mine too!

Almost every walk in the woods and you’ll hear two familiar sounds. That loud drumming of a woodpecker pounding into a tree to find some food, and their just as unmistakable call. Often when I’m photographing in the woods, I’ll be looking for something new or rarely seen, and in the distance I hear it…a woodpecker. And before I know it, I’m chasing that pecking sound.

At our night at the cabin though, it was much easier. As you can see from some of the pictures, there were feeders out that the Woodpeckers were visiting and the pictures were easy to get for the most part. I have to say, many photo trips require a lot of walking, stalking, scaring away the birds, and so on, and I enjoy the hunt, but getting to sit comfortably on a porch and letting the birds come to you, isn’t too bad either.

We did miss seeing one particular Woodpecker, the Pileated, but I don’t think they visit bird feeders. But the variety of birds that did show up was truly wonderful indeed. The big Red Headed Woodpecker was probably my favorite from that evening. He was a little more skiddish than the others, but he still allowed me to get some good shots of him.

As always, I hope that you all enjoy these Wonderful Woodpeckers. One of the reasons I started this blog was to share our great outdoors with others. To share the hunt for the perfect photograph, to try and describe the beauty of all that I see, and to hopefully brighten someones day. So please, enjoy!

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Until next time, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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