Our Wonderful World – GREAT Blue Herons

One of the things wildlife photographers have to deal with, is the unpredictability of nature. It may be the weather, other people, but most of the time it is the subject. Their head is not turned for the best shot. They are in a shadow. Something is obstructing the view and if you move, the bird will no doubt fly away.

On this occasion, it was none of the above! This Blue Heron just stayed there as we walked around and took photo after photo. If there is any complaint, it would be the bugs that showed up in the pictures. It was almost like he was a paid subject, doing exactly what we asked of him. Turning his head, standing in the best spot for backgrounds, casting a reflection in the water…you name it, he was doing all we could ever think or ask.

On today’s post I have included about 15 photos. A lot more than I usually have, but believe me, it was hard to narrow it down from the dozens of shots we both took.

Usually, I take some time to describe the day, or to explain the bird, or to explain the photos. And really, with this guy, there is simply no explanation needed. I really can’t even pick a favorite shot. If I had to try and narrow it down, I’d say the rainbow shot my wife took (jealous, yes!), the shot with his mouth open, the reflection in the water shots, and the shots with the rocks as the background. But all in all, this guy pretty much made our weekend trip.

These were taken last weekend here in Ohio. We went to several places, Buck Creek State Park, Deer Creek State Park, Madison Lake, Cedar Bog, and probably a few that I’m forgetting to name. If we saw a lake on the map, we went there. If we saw a wildlife area, we went there. If we saw a pull off…we went there. A wonderful weekend trip with the love of my life.

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Until next time, “Enjoy Our Wonderful World!”

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